The Day My (selfie super) Powers Arrived

Who's a Super Hero? Shh.... Me!

Asraiya as Marvel comics character Polaris from X Men, complete with hair bleached and dyed green, on set with Cosmic Reach Media for shooting the music video for Kirby Krackle's song "The Day My Powers Arrived" seen below. Photo credit: Garrett Gibbons.

I'd been fighting the urge to be disappointed in the final edit of this video since most of my footage didn't make the final cut but then I realized that's more or less what the songs about so... 

More of Kirby Krackle and his unique genre he calls "nerd rock" can be found at http://kirbykracklemusic.com/
On set shenanigans.. I started a selfie bombing trend which became the theme of the whole day and did actually make the final cut of the video so I should probably be proud, lol! 
Me selfie bombing director, Garrett Gibson.. No one was spared not even the 2nd cameraman! More of these on Instagram.