Suddenly your life becomes a movie...

  Surreal. Awesomely surreal and the best night of my entire life!!

The documentary on my friends in SSP premiered at SIFF on 6/21/15 and surprisingly I'm in it quite a bit.. plus played a McFondlette at the after party at Re-bar.

I LOVE my life and the PEOPLE in it!!!


My characters

I am very much an extreme method actor so the characters that I've been cast as or personally created and developed for either the moment (a night out on the town improvising) or for ongoing sketch comedy dramas (WXPFL/3-2-1 Battle!) often take on a life of their own and completely envelope me when given over to portraying them. *Allow me to introduce you to them ~

encompassing both light and dark, creation and destruction, beauty and wretchedness, iron clad power & control on earth and yet dire servitude to a higher power she is loyalty and utter loneliness as she was birthed in the beginning of time itself and even existed before that in the ever tranquil dark of the abyss. she awoke when there was light and serves him her beloved until time ends, and begins again... 

here's the progression of the development of this character in pics.. she is the world extreme pencil fighting league partner of Ronald McFondle of the SSP and 3-2-1 Battle! and now Bodyslam: Revenge of the Banana

McFondle with a McFondlette for SSP show 
Roxy Hell, illegitimate daughter of Jackie Hell 
Crackwhore Wendy (not in complete make-up here)




old kachina bird tribe ghost dancing warrior grandmother sacred clown, peace, death, rest, spirit, wind who embodies everything I do and all my relations, all my relations...