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Our Movie is Finally Being Released!

Words fail when I try to describe how much this strange thing has been such a HUGE part of my life. I apparently get spit fire blind raging angry when somebody tells me I don't know shit about wrestling and haven't proven myself worthy of participation in the more modern day version where rowdy behavior gets you called out come Monday... I'm a friend and a fan and also a former valet as you can plainly see right here on this thumbnail. Yup, that's me on the left in the red bob wig.. Hallelujah for this film finally coming out!! The cultural thickness of this tradition and it's history seriously deserve a good study by anyone who wishes to be a part of it now. There's a reason why I'll never quit coming to 3-2-1 Battle! and the attitude I carry when I'm in attendance ~ I LOVE IT

and if you don't like it I got 2 words for ya ~



Murder for Hire

I've decided to go back to the "real world" of regularly scheduled permanent employment but managed to do it without waiting tables, slinging booze, or pulling espresso. No way, I'm a professional actor! As in paid... full time.. or well, steady and consistent work opposed to a couple day shoot or 6-8 week run. I've been hired by ~

Yes, The Murder Mystery Company has taken me under the fold and I'm already in training right now as we speak (or type/read). Success is sweet! ;)

Black ties and hearts on fire.. Strong style!

Our performance for Seattle University's 125th Anniversary Gala @ Westin

Note: This is only the medium frame & close up footage is included in this edit and not the full body shots taken from the back of the ballroom.. this is basically the same thing that was projected onto led screens for people sitting too far away to see our faces...

Torisha, Asraiya, and Paul on fire safety