We Built Black Rock City out of Dust & Dreams

Flashback to August 2003
location: Black Rock City
population: 4 1/3

Good old nostalgia. I imagine very few people who know me today have any idea that I worked for Burning Man for 6 years as a DPW Project Manager doing the survey, signs, fence, spires, and DPW dispatch. I was also the liaison between DPW and the Artery or art dept. working with Crimson Rose seeing to getting all the major art installation builders their heavy machinery needs plus I did the same for the pyro team the day of the burn as well (The Man.. Saturday starting at 7am). My radio handle was "OutLaw" because Asraiya was too soft sounding to grab my attention especially if I was driving the bobcat which I would do whenever I had nothing else to do because my crew wouldn't need supervision. I was good at finding folk's strengths and utilizing them. So good in fact that I would delegate all my duties and then look for something else new to take on hence the many subtitles and liaison positions and extra skills. I was damn efficient and most of all trust worthy and respectable! We all were. I miss us. RIP Shooter, Jeff Thomas, Stevie.

Asraiya on the playa in 1999
(side profile posing because the other side of my face was burned while fire spinning)